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Here at Cooper Church of Christ,  we  are committed  to serving God and the needs of you and your family. Using the "Bible" as our  standard,  we  offer  practical  tools  for  leading  a  joyous, abundant and peaceful life by putting your trust in God's word.  We give you hope just like God gave us assurance through the rainbow that the world would never be destroyed again by a flood.
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at Cooper Church of Christ you will find  a supportive congregation with a wealth of opportunities for spiritual growth. 
We aspire to  strengthen  each  person's  knowledge  and  joy  in Jesus Christ - at every point  in  their  life,  and  to  encourage  a closer relationship with God and his Son  Jesus  Christ  through Bible study and active service in his church.
We invite you to become a member of The Lord's  church in Cooper by allowing God to come into your life through  following the Bible and it's principles.  Join us in our worship service by singing, praying and hearing the gospel preached.
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  • Guest Book - Please sign in at our guest book so we can see who has been to our site.
  • About us -  Our Meeting times and map to the building are noted on the page
  • History -  Information  regarding  those  who played an important role in the history of this congregation
  • Saved or Lost - It is imperative today to understand the importance of the scriptures and to make sure you are safe eternally.  Are you saved or lost at this present time.                    
  •   Is This The Right Church -  Can you be sure you are part of the New Testament Church   
  •  Study Sites -  Are   sites   that   you  can  click  on  to further study the scriptures.
  • Contact us - Is a way you can allow us to know you and  contact you so we can support your interest in our congregation.
  • Powerpoint Sermons-  Sermons  you  can view in powerpoint format.  Most Sermons on the site were created for Cooper but some excellent Sermons from other preachers are included for your help in teaching others.
  • Word Sermons- Sermons in word document format.
  • News & Events-  Happenings at the church at Cooper and Gospel Meeting in the area.
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